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Common questions about Lime

How does Lime work?

At the page "Matches" you are able to view profiles which fit your preferences. Once yours and a favourited profile are matched, you will receive a notificastion and permission to talk to this user.
Using the mode "Go Lime" you can view people around you who are using Lime app now! Just send them an invitation to have a snack/a coffee and start to chat. If you liked the person but hasn't invited, this mathc will disappear in 24 hours from the page "Messages".

Is there any other way to log in?

For now only login via Facebook is available. But later we'll introduce one more way to find people using Instagram account.

Where do "Interests" tags come from? Can I change it?

All your interests come from your Facebook liked pages. They are not editable in Lime.

How can I add photos?

To add photos you just need to go to "Edit mode" of "My profile" page, tap "+" icon and select the library to choose your photos from.

Is it required to show my education/occupation in Lime?

As the information is pulled from Facebook, it will be shown in Lime profile, as well. We appreciate honesty and reliability of our users that is why we'd like to show the things as they are.

How can I change my username?

We pull the name from your Facebook account so it's not possible to change it in Lime.

How can I change "About me" field?

To change "About me" field just go to "Edit mode" of "My profile" page, tap "About me" and type a self-introduction. To save it, click "Done" on the top.

How can I change my age?

Date of birth corresponds to the selected one in a Facebook profile. But you can still edit it: just tap on this field, select DOB, then click "Done" on the top.

What is "Hide my profile" function about?

With this function you may temporarily hide your profile from other users' searches

How can I delete my account in Lime?

Simply go to "Settings" page and click "Delete" button.
"Delete" option removes all your messages, photos, contacts and matches. So if you're not sure of it, just click "Hide my profile" instead.

Why there are no matches for me?

The more information about yourself you have, the more people around you want to meet you! Upload photos with your face, fill out the introduction and be proactive to receive invitations!

Can I change the distance to view more people?

You ccan edit the distance in Settings to view more/less people arounf you.
Besides, in Settings you can change your location if you are changing the country/city of living.

Why can't I chat with users after I liked them?

To chat with a person you both need to connect by favouriting each other first.

What if someone is rude to me or disturbs me a lot?

If you find someone abusive for you, you may report an abuse selecting an appropriate option for that user's activity.
Another option is you can turn off all notifications from that user on this profile's page, or even block him/her there.

I'm worried about my privacy. How accurately does Lime show my location?

We care about privacy and safety of our members, too. That is why we don't show your exact location, it always shows the distance with some infelicity (about 100 meters) so you don't need to worry about it at all.

How can I undo my last swipe?

You need to have a subscription with us to be able to swipe someone back.

How can we help you today?

If you have any questions, feedback
or you’ve found any problems with the app please get in touch!